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Call Center CRM Systems

Web 8 Design has created an easy to use Call Center CRM System that enables your staff to speak to potential or current customers for both inbound and out bound calls on our automatic dialing system.

Our CRM Systems have been designed to book appointments, monitor each telemarketers call rate, monitor wages, compliance, gather callback calls, manually over ride appointments, view sales feedback, call recordings and much more.


Get More Leads

Our CRM Systems can call up to 15x faster than any hand held phone and also stores all leads into CRM database. Any telemarketer that is calling can see their pitch on the screen whilst talking to a customer as well as answering all the relevant questions live on screen ensuring compliance and customer satisfaction has been met.

You don't need to spend alot of money on servers or CRM products to be successful. Once you sign up, we will install the software online or visit you and then you are ready to go. Focus on closing deals and delivering a quality service - not IT infrastructure.


Real Project For Real Solutions

Our experience we draw on, allows us to be able to design websites that are engaging to the user and convert clicks to leads.

Data Entry

Data is key in today's business so save as much information as you wish.

Be Secure

We can make your site safe from hackers.

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